Enjoyable Employment and How to Get There

Free Employment Assistance and Coaching Services

J.U.S.T. Training Corp. has a small office located in the C.F.W.R. building at 4 Park Ave. in Lac du Bonnet; a resource centre for federal and provincial government programs related to community economic development, business development, and employment and training services.

We also have itinerant office locations to serve you. Services are offered in person and remotely.

To be eligible, you need a social insurance number and must be a resident of the North Eastman Region.

What We Do

J.U.S.T. Training Corp. offers employment and training counseling and referral services that are complementary to the community and business development services provided by the Community Futures Winnipeg River Corporation. The resource centre provides a user-friendly public resource space where clients can use the Community Futures, J.U.S.T. Training Corp. and/or Canada Manitoba Business Service Centre (CMBSC) library resource materials.

j – jobs
u – upgrading
s – skills
t – training

Enjoyable Employment and How To Get There

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